Excel Fights for Don 2 Rights

Most movies get into some kind of legal issues just before they are released because companies and people sometimes feel that they can make quick money when they harass or exploit the position of the movie maker. However, there are some production companies that never give up the fight and Excel Entertainment is one such company that is not going to give up the fight for the rights of Don 2. Earlier few weeks ago, Nariman Films the producer of original Don that starred Amitabh Bachchan sent a legal notice to Excel Entertainmetn for copyright infringement issue stating that the production company never had the rights to make Don 2

However, in respond to that legal notice, Excel Entertainment has replied that they have done nothing wrong by making Don 2 because they are the makers of it and they have all the rights to make sure that no one can stop their movie releasing on time. Excel Entertainment also said that they are really upset that Nariman Films tried to extort money just when the movie is about to release. The legal counsel of Excel Entertainment said that Excel Entertainment is the bonafide owner of Don 1 and it also owns the copyrights of Don 2.

The legal counsel also said that in 2005, Nariman Films had given the rights to Excel Entertainment in perpetuity for making Don. However, Don 2 is entirely original and the ownership of the movie is with Excel Entertainment. It was also announced that the entire story and dialogues and script has been made by Farhan Akhtar and therefore Nariman Films have no right to extort money from Excel Entertainment. The legal counsel also announced that they will reply legally to the advocates of Nariman Films to resolve the issues that are outstanding.

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