Farah admits she was wrong

Mumbai: It took quite some while, but the director Farah Khan finally admitted she has done a mistake. The ex choreographer who embraced the career of a film maker apparently blames herself for the poor performance of her latest movie the much talked about ‘Tees Maar Khan’. We have to mention the fact that the movie in question did not really live up to the expectation that everyone had and the director Farah Khan has in the end accepted the fact that the viewers were indeed right in writing off the flick.

A source close to the director said that “Farah Khan has admitted that the flop show of TMK was her doing. The filmmaker has no qualms in accepting the fact that the audiences expect more than what she delivered in her last film. Farah Khan also admits that she has learned her lessons (though costly) and has made all the due corrections that will be implemented in her next film.”

From what we have been able to find out so far, it seems that director Farah Khan is also very excited about playing the actress in Bela Sehgal’s upcoming movie production. According to the same source, “It seems 24 hours are not enough for Farah. She is trying to pack so many things in those hours. From two TV shows to her upcoming film and now to her acting debut, Farah is kicked about everything she does. She is eagerly awaiting the shoot of Bela Sehgal’s film opposite Boman Irani and will shortly be attending a workshop to get the nuances of her character right.”

Well, we have to say that admitting the mistake was indeed a very good thing to do. As for this year, well it really appears that Farah Khan has quite a lot in store for her.

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