Farah and Salman, together on new project?

A latest rumor going around in Bollywood refers to the newest film coming out of Farah Khan’s hands. Supposedly, the directing queen, as Farah has been nicknamed due to her excellent films, will be doing her next film with the help of Macho Man Salman Khan. The two will also be producing the next project together, which is the most surprising news for the fans.

In the recent weeks, Salman and Farah have been seen a lot in each other’s presence, more that eve before. Thus, media and fans have started questioning about the intention the two have. They have been friends for a long time now, but they have been showing it only in the past couple of months.

The script Farah has been working on for a while is half way finished, and the project still has many details to be sorted out. Thus, nobody will be casted yet for the film, not until the script is over, at least.

While everybody is wondering about the reason of their sudden bond, the project goes on.


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