Farah Khan wants Salman

Some time ago the director Farah Khan said in a reality show that she would love very much the opportunity of staring Salman in one of her movies. It seems that now she has made this come true. In just a short while director Farah Khan is going to work with Salman Khan in one of her famous films. She only desires to wait until things are finished with her production ‘Tees Maar Khan’.

The famous Bollywood director, Farah is very excited about this new collaboration with her new discovered friend. In a recent interview she was asked from where does it come this unexpected interest in the actor Salman Khan. Her answer was that this idea of hers was in the making from quite some time now, but only at the moment she has the opportunity of putting it into action.

In addition the director Farah Khan said that she expects the collaboration between the two to be mad, as both she and actor Salman Khan are like that.

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