Fire and Ice

A new movie which is a remaking of the best film of the 1990‘s Agneepath will be released in about six months time or more. The bury and villain in the movie is being done by Sanjay Dutt. The promotion for the movie is already causing sensations in the movie industry as the villain is already being vilified by the public even when the movie is yet to be released. That is an assurance that the movie is bound to be an action movie and it would even be more entertaining and action packed than the previous Agneepath. All about the movie is laughter and action.

Other actors who would feature in the movie along with Sanjay Dutt include Hrithik Roshan he is to play the nemesis for Kancha China that is Viijay. Already the film is billed to be released in six months time but Karan Johar is working hard to ensure that everything that is required for the success of the movie is on ground.

The new producer for this movie is Johar Dharma, which incidentally was the same people that produced the previous edition of the movie that was done in 1990. The director of the movie is a notable figure in the Bollywood world Karan Mahhotra.

The promotion for the movie was done on Monday and it has the key actors, in that movie present and they include notable names in the industry including those that would perform negative roles for the first time in the industry.

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