Force (2011) Review – Details, Movie Review, Music Review

Star Cast – John Abraham, Genelia D’Souza, Raj Babbar and Mohnish Behl 

Director – Nishikant Kamat

Producer – Vipul Amrutlal Shah

Music Director – Harris Jayraj and Lalit Pandit

Lyrics – Javed Akhtar

Audio  – T-Series

Genre – Crime Thriller

Force is probably the next movie of John Abraham that is soon to hit the movie halls and there are high expectations from the movie. In 2004, Gautham Menon was inspired from the Tamil crime thriller movie Kaakha Kaakha which was super hit down south. However, the plans did not materialize. Finally, some years later, Vipul Amrutlal Shah approached the story writer and decided to direct the same movie in Hindi for the regular Bollywood audience and they decided to name it Force. Since Gautham Menon was not too keen on directing this film, Nishikant Kamat was called in for directing the movie. It is said that before Genelia got the role for the movie, the director and producer approached Asin for the female lead but there were date issues. It is also said that after Asin the role went to Deepika Padukone, Bipasha and Katrina but since no one was really interested the role was taken up by Genelia. Vidyut Jamwal was selected very careful for the negative role that would stand against the muscular John Abraham and for that he had to undergo physical fitness training as well. As per the director, the romance and the tough stunts in the movie by Allan Amin is something that audience will love.


Force Movie Review

[xrr rating=4/5]

Bollywood is well known for plagiarism where directors often pickup and remake movies from different cultures and languages. Recently, Bollywood directors are focusing on remaking South Indian movies and Force is just another movie in the lineup. Directed by Nishikant Kamat, the movie stars John Abraham, Genelia D’souza, Vidyut Jamwal, Raj Babbar and Mohnish Bahl.

The movie begins with an introduction of Yashvardhan (John) who is a senior officer in narcotics department and who is well known going against the law to ensure that swift justice is served. He believes in eliminating the bad guys rather than taking them to the court of law where they get second opportunities. Soon Yashvardhan gets a tough and dangerous operation to crackdown since he is among the best senior officers in the department. Here, Yashvardhan meets Vishnu (Vidyut) who is a strong enemy with desperate and dangerous intentions on his mind and he is willing to stop at nothing. When Yashvardhan damages Vishnu’s drug business Vishnu decides to get even and take some revenge for the damage done. On the romantic side, Yashvardhan meets Maya (Genelia) who makes him fall in love but soon Yashvardhan realizes that he is not the same man as he now fears for his life and for the safety of Maya. This is exactly when Vishnu plans and executes his attack.

On performance level, John is definitely a show stealer in the movie. He flexes his muscles all the time because his character is designed accordingly but he also shows some nice romantic scenes that are excellent. In short it shows that John has really worked hard on his acting skills, action and even his muscular body. Genelia is exactly the opposite of John in the movie. She is very sweet and cheerful girl in the movie. Genelia is normally not rated as the best but she has the capability to carry some of the best scenes effortlessly. The chemistry between John and Genelia is really good on screen. Vidyut Jamwal on the other side is a worthy enemy for John in the movie. He is young but his evil intentions are clearly visible in the facial expressions and he plays his character with lot of finesse. Vidyut is definitely going to make his mark in the future movies as well. Mohnish Bahl is brilliant in his role but Raj Babbar does not get much scope to showcase his acting talent. Technically, the movie is brilliant and cinematography by Ayananka Bose is something that you should look out for in the movie. However, apart from the story by Ritesh Shah the action stunts by Allan Amin is something that will bring more audiences to the movie. The final confrontation actions are simply brilliant. The music by Harris Jayaraj is smooth and it flows with the rhythm of the movie. The choreography by Bosco-Caesar is also good and keeps up with the tempo of the music.

To conclude, Force is certainly a good action movie in the list of action movies that have released in the past few months. This is the second time that John will be seen in action mode after Dhoom. Although, the movie looks like action movies of the 70s it still has all the charm to hold the attention of the audience. The plot is predictable but the screenplay hooks you to the story and you will enjoy the movie till the last frame.


Force Music Review

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Harris Jayraj has been making some really good music all these years down south but he never got the right opportunity in Bollywood. Force will be his second movie soundtrack after Rehna Hai Terre Dil Mein aka RHTDM which had Madhavan clashing against Saif for the love of Dia Mirza, but that was almost a decade ago in 2001. Many would argue that Aparichit which released in 2006 was another movie where Harris Jayraj provided music but honestly those songs were dubbed songs and they never really had any success in Hindi film industry. With Force, Harris Jayraj gets a chance to team up with lyrical legend Javed Akhtar and they together work hard on the music. There are five songs in the album so let’s take a quick review of them.

The first track on the album is Khwabon Khwabon and it might appeal to certain audiences in here. However, those who are equally interested in listening to Tamil music will know that it’s a straight lift from the original song Uyirin Uyire from Kaakha Kaakha. The music in this song is really the plus factor and those who love some hardcore fast number will appreciate this song for sure. Although the song is dubbed version Javed Akhtar provides better lyrics to make it feel like original in some way. The second song Chaahoon Bhi is again a trademark Harris Jayraj song where Bombay Jayashree reminds us of Zara Zara in RHTDM. This slow track is good for casual listening and once again Javed Akhtar tops with splendid romantic lyrics that can drown you into romantic mood. The third track comes from Lalit Pandit which is Dum Hain To Aaja which feels like a challenging rock song that can hit you hard. Since this is a situational song listeners might not be very pleased with the song to listen over and over. The fourth song on the album is Main Chali and sung by Shreya Goshal and she just makes you listen this song countless times. The song is focused on Genelia and her character Maya in the film and the combination of lyrics by Javed Akhtar and music by Harris Jayraj is simply out of the world. This is probably the best track of the album by any means. The final song Dil Ki Hai Tamanna by mix singers like Vijay Prakash, and Neha Bhasin (of Dhunki fame) along with Shalini Singh is another slow track that is good for casual listening.

So, overall Force has good music by Harris Jayraj and Javed Akhtar but it might not appeal to all listeners as there are very few songs that may hit the charts. Force definitely does not work as good soundtrack but few songs like Main Chali and Khwabon Khwabon might work with regular listening.

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