Fresh Delhi Belly on TV

Bollywood directors are now daring all the Bollywood limits by coming up with bolder scripts, steamy romantic scenes and explicit and vulgar dialogues that are not made for the family audience. They have seen that audience today enjoys watching different kind of cinema and many of them prefer to go for movies that are very realistic. Delhi Belly by Aamir Khan Productions and directed by Abhinav Deo is one such movie that created a lot of buzz in the market because many people thought it would be a clean movie because it was Aamir Khan Productions, but instead people got shocked when they went into theaters. 

No matter what, people loved the movie and it received good response all over India even though it had vulgar and abusive tone to it. At that time most people knew that such movie can never be shown on television but that is now going to happen as Sahara who has bought the rights of the movie for satellite television screening says that it will show the movie for the audiences on their channel.

However, before they do that they will have to re-dub and re-edit the movie to make sure it does not violate any broadcasting laws. The movie cannot be just shown on the TV in raw format and there are so many vulgar dialogues in it that chopping them all would make the movie look jerky and confusing them. Abhinav Deo has confirmed that they have re-edited and re-dubbed the movie for family viewing on TV but they have not shot any extra scenes or shot the entire movie completely. The director claims that he has seen the edited version and it is perfect for the audiences now as they will not feel disconnected and confused when they watch it whenever it is aired on television channel.

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