Gali Gali Chor Hai (2012) Movie Review – Details

Movie Title – Gali Gali Chor Hai.

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Cast- Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Mughda Godse, Annu Kapoor, Satish Kaushik, Akhilendra Mishra, Vijay Raaz, Ashok Samrth, Shashi Ranjan, Amit Mistry, Arun Verma.

Producer- Nitin Manmohan

Associate Producer- Kaleem Khan.

Executive Producer- Nitin Dara

Co-producers- Sangeeta Ahir, Prakash Chandnani.

Production executive- Prachi Manmohan .

Script- Momukshu Mudgal

Music composer – Anu Malik.

Director of Photography – Gururaj Jois.

Cinemetography-  Gururag Jois

Editor- A. Muthu

Banner- Studio One Up Entertainment Pvt. Limited

[xrr rating=3/5]


Gali Gali Chor Hai is not the first movie made against the corruption in the country rather Bollywood has been making and conferring the viewers with the flicks on these subjects since the outset. We have grown up watching these kinds of films. Thus we are much familiar and can easily develop the taste while staying with the movies against the evil of corruption.

Rumy Jafry’s Gali Gali Chor Hai has been targeted at apt time. Anna Hazare’s movement against the elimination of corruption has been going on and the entire country is abuzz with the issue. Releasing a film on the same issue at the time when the matter is hot seems utterly lucrative and Rumy did the right job by showcasing the product on the celluloid now.

Since the film revolves around the corruption, the makers of the film especially screened the film for Anna Hazare few days back where he was invited. The film got further hype for this screening. Veena Malik’s item song ‘Chhanno’ has already creating the mammoth hype among the moviegoers. It is undoubtedly a good idea to make a hot sexy item number taking some known lass of the trade to shake the booty on the tunes and then release it well before time for the promotion of the film. The idea works big time and the Bollywood filmmakers have also developed the sense for it. This has emerged as a formulaic success and everybody has fastened the belts to use it. No harm in using as far as it generates profits and makes good publicity for the cinematic products.

The film stars Akshaye Khanna, Shriya Saran, Mugda Godse, Satish Kaushik. Muril Sharma, Amit Mistri and Annu Kapoor in the main leads. Rumy’s Gali Gali Chor Hai deals with corruption, bribery and dishonesty in society. Jafry’s flick also pours light on the people who are disloyal to the society and the nation. The film talks about a middle class family who resides in Bhopal and how an incident changes the track of their lives. Gali Gali Chor Hai lets the viewers see how the main character is dragged into the evils of corruption. The film has a message to convey to the viewers in the end.

The quality of the movie and the skill of the filmmaker is that he gets the viewers to enjoy the entertainment though the issue talked in the film is dark and much serious i.e. corruption. The story and the screenplay are attention grabbing and convincing but the script could have been extra crispier. The corruption issue develops into post interval section of the movie.

Bharat (Akshaye Khanna) is an aam aadmi who works as a part time cashier and besides this job, he plays Hanuman at Ramleela. He lives in Bhopal with his father (Satish Kaushik). His father is the one man who strictly believes in freedom values and loves to see the country as corruption free. He is married to Nisha (Shriya Saran) who happens to be a school teacher. Bharat is passionate for his job at Ramleela. He wants the role of Lord Ram there being done by Sattu Tripathi (Amit Mistry) who is the younger brother of Manku Tripathi, MLA (Murli Sharma). Sattu is bad in acting and he has insecurities with Bharat and always shows his unhappiness with him since every time Bharat loots the show with his character of Hanuman. Sattu’s brother Manku is not happy at all with Bharat since Bharat has refused to give his house’s room to him for his re=election campaign. Manku further gets his enemy when Bharat’s father gives the room to Manku’s opposing candidate Mohanlal (Sashi Ranjan).

Bharat’s table fan gets stolen and from this point on, he is dragged into the evil business of corruption and bribery.

The first half of the movie is interesting and allures the audiences. There are much interesting moments to lure the souls. The writing job is great that how the writers show the audience the connection between the police and politicians. This is mind blowing. The brilliance depicts with the matter as to how a common man is dragged into the corruption and bribery when there is no fault of his.

The script lacks somewhere like when hoodlums chase Bharat. The blast sequence looks out of mind. The clapping by the viewers happens when Akshaye slaps the cop and the corrupt politician.  Rumy Jafry has done the brilliant job as a good storyteller. He executes the film luminously on screen. Dialogues are really classy and grab the attention of the viewers. Cinematography has been done with class. Editing is first rate. Although there is hardly any scope for the music in the film but it is nonetheless listenable. Anu Malik is the man who has composed the album.

Akshaye Khanna is the man who carries the entire film on his shoulders. He has done simply a marvelous job as an actor. Shriya Saran is brilliant and looks beautiful. Mugda Godse has minor scope in the movie. Satish Kaushik impresses and Annu Kapoor is fantastic in the role of a corrupt cop. Murli Sharma is average. Rest of the cast is just about okay.

Final Verdict by the Critic

On the whole, Gali Gali Chor Hai is a well=executed film with interesting subject and healthy script (though it lacks somewhere). Brilliant performances from Akshaye Khanna, Satish Kaushik and Annu Kapoor further add sparkles to the film.


Release Date- 3rd February, 2012

This film “Gali Gali Chor Hai” deals with the most pertinent issue of the time, which is that of corruption. This film tries to portray the daily, mundane life of a normal human being, and his strife with the corruption prevailing all around him. It can be called the story of an uprising by a simple, ordinary Indian against the mass corruption which has become so rampant in our society nowadays.

The story is about Bharat who is a cashier in a bank and also plays the part of “Hanuman “in the Ramleela. This role is played by the veteran actor Akshaye Kahnna. In this film Bharat stays with his father Shivnarayan in the scenic city of Bhopal. He is a married young man, who has a loving, caring and doting beautiful wife. This  role of  Nisha, a school teacher is played by Shriya Saran. However Nisha is a little possessive and always keeps on doubting her husband, even though she really loves him. Thus they have a small and happy family. However Amita, who is a young, sweet beautiful girl working at a call center lives with them, adding to the woes of Nisha.

The story however is that Bharat wants to be able to do the role of  Lord Ram in the Ramleela after having performed the role of Hanuman for quite some time. However the role in the drama is played by a man called Sattu Tripathi. This man by the virtue of being the brother of the MLA of the area Manku Tripathi holds on to his role for ever, and it becomes almost impossible for Bharat to fulfill his dream of enacting the role of Lord Rama ever. This is because both of these brothers have a personal enmity with Bharat.

Next in the film is the role of a fan, whose work is only to provide comfort in summer, and how this fan becomes a very important metaphor in Bharat’s life. It somehow instills a determination in him to teach  a lesson to all corrupt people.This makes Bharrat put his Hanuman act together . He then does things which become headlines in newspaper. How through this he unmasks the face of corruption is something we will be able to tell only with the release of the film.

The film is actually shot in the city of Bhopal and is 40% complete. This film also introduces the famous model Mugdha Godse in the film industry for the first time. Hopefully this unique plot will touch our hearts.

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