Ghost (2012) Movie Review – Details

Movie Title – Ghost

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Star Cast – Shiney Ahuja, Sayali Bhagat, Tej Sapru, Deepraj Rana

Producer – Bharat Shah

Story, Screenplay, Director – Puja Jatinder Bedi

Genre – Horror

Music – Sharib Sabri, Toshi Sabri

[xrr rating=1/5]

Shiney Ahuja’s comeback vehicle is finally out in theaters. He was much excited for his comeback and was adamant to get a hit in the shape of Ghost. Produced by Bharat Shah, the film is directed and written by Puja Jatinder Bedi.  A horror film, as it has been targeted but in actual it accidently happens to be a fun movie. Even the people with weak heart can watch it on screen alone since the film offers fun more than the horror element which unfortunately is the subject of the movie. But fun has not been added intentionally rather it slipped into the narrative and then on celluloid unintentionally. Well, the viewers can take two joys in one ticket – horror (which is hardly there) and fun (which is in plenty).

Puja’s film is about a ghost laced with unintentional romantic element since it literally purloins victim’s hearts out of the bodies. It lets you enjoy the fun as it bops and bellyaches. The ghost makes you feel at ease and be safe than being feared since it knows that it has to get the viewers glued to the screens till the finale. The viewers are too obedient as they sit till the end without yawning but this obedience is not for the authenticated, powerful script and execution rather for the unintentional fun oozed out of horror elements of the movie.

Ghost talks about a City Hospital that sees the murders happening there. Dr. Suhani (Sayali Bhagat) witnesses the frightening incidents there. Witnessing the killings at the hospital, a leading investigating agency sends it most proficient investigating officer Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja) at the hospital to investigate the matter.

The film works nothing in any department of the film. It falls flat on storytelling and as far as the shock treatments are concerned, they are simply lackluster since you cannot find any in the movie. A horror film has to carry the shock treatments but Ghost fails to carry any and if the writer-director has put it in the movie, sorry to say, the viewer is unable to witness any.

The script is a big weak point since it carries nothing appealing and novelty at all. The same is the case with the direction – simply poor. The plot reminds of the revenge drama and the horror (as the theme of the movie) is simply absurd. Even the low-budgeted horror movies work well than Puja’s Ghost since they have shock and horror treatments.

The sound effect of the movie is another weakness, which have not been placed according to the scenes.  The cinematography is mundane. Horror movies has to have brilliant camera work to grab the attention of the viewer and send shivering fears into their souls but this work lacks in plenty here. Editing is okay. Music by Sharib Sabri and Toshi Sabri works somewhat better since it has some mellifluous tunes to enjoy with.

The entire performances on the film’s platform are comatose and badly delivered. Shiney Ahuja, who was much certain for the success with his comeback vehicle, simply disappoints. Guess, he has forgotten his acting skills. Sayali Bhagat is lifeless in acting. Julia Bliss is ordinary with the act.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

Ghost is a big lackluster cinematic work. If you plan to watch it considering a horror flick, don’t go and waste the money. It is laced with funny moments than the horror treatment.


Shiney Ahuja starrer Ghost to release on 13th January

The film is supposed to be a comeback vehicle for the much maligned actor, Shiney Ahuja. The actor was embroiled in a lot of controversy recently because of the rape allegations and his apparent arrest. Actress Sayali Bhagat also tries to make a mark on the film industry, after her career didn’t seem to hit the heights till date. Director Puja Bedi, however has recently claimed that there was no remorse shown by Shiney and he misbehaved many female members of the cast including the director herself and lead actress Sayali Bhagat.

The actor tried to hug the director twice and would often call her to narrate the scenes in his make up van, the director stated. Puja however, stayed at a safe distance from him by standing firm on her refusal. Not only Puja, Shiney even tried to get too close to actress Sayali Bhagat, who then was accompanies by her mother for the shooting everyday. According to sources, Shiney had to shoot for a kissing scene for the film with Russian actress Julia. Shiney spent hours chatting with her, thus disrupting the shooting schedule alleged the director. Not only that, Shiney remained unavailable for shooting multiple times and had even walked away from the film on the day of its launch. Bedi even quipped in despair that working with Shiney was a form of mental molestation, as the budget of the film increased by 50 lakhs because of the tantrums and unpunctual nature of Shiney.

The plot of the movie revolves around a series of unusual murders occurring in the City Hospital. Dr. Suhani, the character played by Sayali Bhagat becomes aware of these happenings and is bewildered to know that an atrocious ghostly power is behind these killings. The killer leaves no proof behind, which amazes everyone around at first.

A leading investigating agency entrusted with the case, assign it to their most competent officer Vijay Singh (Shiney Ahuja). Vijay a debonair romantic young detective moves intelligently to gather information about the mysterious murders. Among the first he questions is Dr.Suhani. There is immediate chemistry between the two. Shiney Ahuja’s character Vijay Singh, is assigned this case and as he draws increasingly deeper into the mystery, death toll rises further. At one point, Vijay gets so involved in the case that he vents out the vendetta against the killer on a personal front. How Vijay succeeds in cracking the case and stopping the devil at work forms the rest of the story.

The movie is set to release on 13th January, competing directly with the other major release Chaalis Chauraasi and the much hyped Players which will be releasing a week before. It remains to be seen if the controversy regarding Shiney and the actual horror content of the movie fetches it a good box office collection.

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