Hate Story a Woman Centric Film?

Mumbai: A Vikram Bhatt film starring Paoli Dam and Nikhil Dwivedi, ‘Hate Story’ is a Bollywood thriller to be released in April 20 of 2012. It is said to be an erotic film and the trailers have already given rise to controversies. Having highly sexual content and coarse language, it is a movie that centralizes women. It is claimed to be aesthetic by director Vivek Agnihotri.

Along with Paoli and Nikhil, the cast also includes Gulshan Devaiya, Joy Sengupta and Mohan Kapur. With the background score under the watchful eyes of Harshit Saxena, the film is expected to express the thrilling feelers in an exquisite way. Written and produced by Vikram Bhatt, it runs for about 107 minutes.

The plot is described around a lady reporter named Kavya Krishna, who is victimized of forced abortion in the beginning. Then she becomes a prostitute for carrying out a plan against the man who spoiled her life. If seen with interest, the revenge plot of the movie can be felt with excitement. According to the team behind the camera, the thrilling of the movie lies beneath how the revenge plan gets carried out.

Though a woman centric film, but Dwivedi is excited and wishes for success in the industry. He is all praised with Vivek, the director. According to Dwivedi, Vivek shot the film in an exclusive manner which is bound to produce shocks to the movie lovers. Also, Vivek ensured that no audience will feel embarrassed or humiliated in watching the scenes, Dwivedi went on saying.

A promotional scene of the movie containing Paoli and her sexually explicit dialogues has already been spread throughout the web. It also contains Paoli and her co-star Gulshan undressed. Vikram stood by her characters and dialogues saying that the progression of his story asks for such offensive attributes. Vikram-Vivek and the production team know how awful the situations can be regarding censor problems. Thus they resulted in releasing this teaser to a warning message to the viewers about the openness of the movie.

Agnihotri said that the boldness of Paoli is quite respectable for agreeing to do such scenes wherever necessary. Paoli herself confirmed that she had given nude shots in presence of people associated with the unit. She said that her family supported such shots as long as they were done with aesthetics. Paoli is known to her fans for doing intense scenes in Bengali movies. Her Bollywood debut is expected to have an optimistic response from the mass, as Agnihotri stated.

With everything seeming fine and legal, the movie is to hit your nearby cinema hall within days. More thrilling evenings awaiting for you hopefully are not going to waste your money. Wishing all the best to the ‘Hate Story’ team let the thriller get you in.

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