Heroine poster too flawless to be real!

Madhur Bhandarkar had tweeted about Kareena’s curvacious body in his upcoming film “Heroine”. Bhandarkar even posted a picture of the glamarous babe who looked curvy and quite plumpy with a roll of fat flashing from the seam of her black blouse. But Bhandarkar was so enthusiastic that time, that he totally forgot his team of editors who would be digitally rectifying every bit of the posters to do away with any unwanted fat in the heroine’s body. So when the posters and pictures were officially released of “Heroine” we saw a totally different image of Kareena Kapoor in those posters.

Now in the posters Kareena Kapoor seems to have an unnatural slim waist line, much different from the picture of her’s that Madhur posted on his twitter account some time back. Though the poster of “Heroine” is already very popular amongst the movie-goers yet photoshopping is visible to one and all this time!

Also we got to see the same thing in “Raaz 3” poster where Bipasha Basu is seen flaunting her flat abs and looks flawless. Earlier though the pictures of actresses were photoshopped, hardly any such noticeable evidences could be gathered. But this time, Bhandarkar’s simple act has revealed the actual beauty secrets of all heroines – and that is photoshopping.

One particular viewer says that bit of flaws in a person makes him or her look attractive. There is no point distorting the reality and showing fake flawless pictures of heroines. Also its impossible that Bebo has no folds in her abdomen area posing in that angle.

Madhur Bhandarkar was unavailable for comments. While the director of “Raaz 3”, Vikram Bhatt said its all rubbish, Bipasha is very fit and hard working, she is having one of the best bodies in Bollywood. No photoshopping is done for the posters of the film. Publicity designer Mr Nanda, has a different say in this, he tells that films are a different thing and should not be compared with real life photographs.

In the poster of “Heroine” posted above, we can definitely see that Bebo looks flawless with an enhanced cleavage while in the actual photo of her’s posted by Bhandarkar from a still of the song “Halkat Jawani”, a tiny tummy bulge is prominent. And in the poster of “Raaz 3” Bipasha’s abs look so glazy and too perfect to be real. While the ghostly hands surrounding Bips also look quite unreal and is a work of photoshop.

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