Hot Kareena became a Chhammak Chhallo

The hot bebo Kareena Kapoor grabbed the chance of working with Shahrukh Khan just for the sake of it. RA.One not only proved to be the most expensive movie of Bollywood with biggest King Khan but also culminated a common hope among all producers, directors and cinema community that it would wipe off the aftermaths of recession from Indian film industry.

Nd so hoped our hot Kareena. She made Shahrukh also to keep everything ensured that the picture follows a right track and proves to be a milestone in every way, be it her own item songs or setting a separate identity for it.

Kareen became a Chhammak Chhallo

This made Kareena the hottest and this made RA.One boiling with her sex appeal puting Chhammak Challo on a killing theme.

According to a reliable source, RA.One is sure to get millions of viewers across the world. Seeing the scope of campaign and advertising, there is not a single chance of movie being missed by anyone who likes to celebrate Diwali, or get a glimpse of King Khan. Therefore, Kareena too wanted not to miss her share of limelight from the movie.

As Shahrukh and Arjun have strong roles in the movies, Bebo asked Shahrukh consciously to put her item song in that manner that despite being an action movie our beauty diva also pulls audience to dance with the tunes of her item number. So, just wait and watch how this Deewali, RA.One puts all crackers behind its explosions.

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