I Am Kalam Review

Everybody has a role model, and sometimes following your role model can take you places and change the very essence of your life. The flame of inspiration works like an Olympic baton which changes hands from one generation to the next. Youngsters today are inspired by the great personalities in the past and they strive hard to get to the same level and the same trend will be followed in the future as well. I Am Kalam might not be a star studded entertaining masala Bollywood flick that you want to go for, but it is definitely encouraging and will make you think hard about what you make of your life. Directed by Nila Madhab Panda and produced by Santanu Mishra. The movie stars Harsh Mayar, Pitobash, Beatrice Ordeix and Gulshan Grover. i am kalam movie review

The movie revolves around Chhotu (Harsh) who comes from a poor family in Rajasthan. Forced into poverty by birth, Chhotu has to work hard to make a living since childhood at the roadside food stall. However, Chhotu has a pleasing personality and he quickly impresses Bhati  (Gulshan Grover) the owner of the food stall. However, one fine day Chhotu watches President Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam on television and finds that as a boy he used to work as a newspaper boy. This inspires Chhotu from within and he decides that someday he will meet the President.

The movie might not work as whole for all audiences but it is definitely inspiring. The story itself is inspired from the truth that the former Indian President did struggled through poverty and became one of the brightest names in the history of Indian politics. This could inspire many viewers across the country to ignite their minds and make way for their glorious future and for the country.

The performance in the movie by various characters make up with the script. Harsh is amazing in his lead role as Chhotu and his impeccable smile makes people smile back on the silver screen. Although, he is often hit by the blows of poverty he never frowns at life and thinks negatively because he has a lively spirit inside himself that keeps his smile glowing at all times. Harsh has already bagged the National Award for Best Child Artist 2011. Gulshan  Grover usually known for his bad man type roles is given a very soft positive role and he does full justice to the character he plays. Technically, the movie is excellent and screenplay by Sanjay Chauhan keeps the rhythm of the story going. The camera work by Mohana Krishna captures every angle of beautiful Rajasthan which is another good aspect of the movie.

The movie has already bagged many international and national awards like Best Feature Film at IFFI and Lucas Film Festival Germany. So, far the movie has bagged 9 awards and that is commendable job done by the cast and crew of the movie. If you are trying to take some break from regular masala entertainers then I Am Kalam will be an inspiring change for you.

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