Ileana D’Cruz – the voice of Barfi!

Ileana D’Cruz is a superstar in the Southern film industry, but till date the diva has never dubbed for herself in any of the films that she has acted. Since she is not fluent with the local languages of South, Ileana could not give her voice to her onscreen characters, even though she has done approximately 20 films in Kollywood. The girl is debuting in Bollywood with “Barfi!” and this time she has dubbed for her onscreen role in the film. She got to dub all the lines of her character in the film.

When Ileana was signed in for the film “Barfi!” the director of the flick Anurag Basu, wanted to get her voice dubbed by an artiste as he wanted the character to speak in flawless and fluent Hindi, which the diva could not speak at the moment. But the actress took it as a challenge on herself, and kept a Hindi tutor for herself and learnt the language.

While the shooting of the film was going on full-fledged, Ileana hired a diction coach, and when the dubbing of the film had started, Ileana gave a pleasant surprise to one and all by speaking in shudh Hindi. Anurag’s mind changed by hearing Ileana talk fluently in Hindi, and he decided that Ileana herself will dub for her role in the film.

Anurag has confirmed the news himself, when he was contacted. At first when he heard Ileana speak in Hindi, he thought he will be hiring a voiceover artist to dub her voice. But the beautiful actress worked hard and learnt the nuances of the language. The director later asked everyone on the sets to talk with Ileana in Hindi only, and now Ileana is dubbing in her own voice for the movie. Anurag Basu is very happy with Ileana’s improvements in the language.

Anurag Basu who has directed film like “Life In A Metro” in 2007, is brimming with joy, as Ileana will be dubbing in her own voice for the very first time in the film “Barfi!”. So this is the first time, movie-goers will get to hear her own voice in the film. Basu added that the dubbing part will be completed very soon. As Ileana does not know any South-Indian languages, she could not give her voice for the films till date. Ileana was a bit nervous in the beginning, when she decided to dub in her voice for the flick “Barfi!”, but the results turned out to be real good.

Ileana has a mammoth responsibility upon her shoulders, since she is the voice of the film. Ranbir Kapoor has no lines in the film, as he plays a deaf and dumb man, and Priyanka Chopra has only a few dialogues as she is also a mentally challenged girl in the movie. Ileana will be narrating the story to the audience, and therefore she is the voice of this Anurag Basu film. The film “Barfi!” is scheduled to be released on 14th of September this year.


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