Imran seduced in bathroom by Soniya

Mumbai: Many romances are taking place in Bollywood, both on and off screen. Imran Khan is about to have the relationship of his lifetime, on screen, of course. He will be seduced in an interesting location, that is his bathroom, by the gorgeous actress Soniya Mehra. It all happens in their new film, entitled “Short Term Shaadi”.

This will be the first such scene Imran appears in, so the produces Karan Johar and the director Batra were both working hard to convince the actor to do the scene. Well, one way or the other, they managed to be persuasive, and the scene has been already shot on sets.

Imran is playing a perfectionist in this new flick, who tries to keep everything going in his own proper manner. He keeps himself away from sex and any form of passion. The idea of seducing this character in a small bathroom is more than interesting, and one we are eager to see when the film releases.

The scene begins very naughty, but in the ends it gets quite comical.

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