In technology, we can’t compete with foreign filmmakers: Shahrukh Khan

Mumbai: As you may know by now, the movie production ‘Ra.One’ is probably the most ambitious project of the Bollywood celebrity SRK. The filmmaker is really trying to make it into a world class movie. Still the celebrity really feels that the film makers from India cannot compete, in terms of technologies of course, with the international movie makers. King Khan admits that India has does well in the film industry due to god technology, storytelling, but at the same time he thinks films such as ‘Superman’, ‘Batman’ and ‘Spiderman’ cannot even begin to compare with the India productions when technology is considered.

The film production ‘Ra.One’ is being directed by Anubhav Sinha and King Khan plays the part of the superhero. His costume, described as heavy and stiff, has been specially created by a team of specialists from Los Angeles. The actor admits that he was very lucky to have had the resources necessary to toke the film ‘Ra.One’ to a certain level.

From what we have been able to find out it seems that the budget for the film production in question is over the amount of Rs 100 crore. Not to mention the fact that Shahrukh Khan has said that the film could include a few 3D stunts made especially for the enjoyment of the younger audience.

In a recent interview the actor wanted to say that after working in the film industry of B-town for over 20 years he really feels that he owes his life to it. “I offer this technology to all new actors and directors so that they feel ‘Yes, we can do it’ and less expensive than Hollywood,” told reporters the super star of Bollywood. He would like to be nominated for the Oscars, but a good response from the audience would be enough to him, said SRK.

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