Why was Jai Ho not titled Mental?

Salman Khan

Salman Khan

It might have been a rather dull year for Salman fans but all’s well that ends well. Just as there was no chance of spotting your favorite star on the silver screen, now Salman fans would queue up the theatres to catch a glimpse of their favourite icon in the film’s recently released teaser trailer.

Jai Ho, a film that has been making news ever since it was announced, be it due to the unintentional delays or the several title changes, has finally had its teaser-trailer release up for grabs. Earlier titled Mental, the film was later titled Jai Ho, keeping in mind the theme of the film and Salman playing Jai in the film. A recent look reveal from the team left nothing to guess as Salman, aka Jai adorned a military uniform dressed as the perfect stoic army man of sorts.

But one thing that has always been doing the rounds ever since the announcement was why was the film titled Mental only to be later changed? At the trailer launch event, Salman delighted the Media who shot variety of questions at him as he decided to answer them in all flurry. According to a leading tabloid, Salman felt it was his father Salim Khan’s decision to change the title. While the industry has an Intelligent Khan, a Badshah Khan, a Nawab, Salman did not mind being called ‘Mental Khan’ although he could apprehend that it would be the name that might be tagged to him post the Dabangg Khan scenario. But the person that he is, he never really bothered being called that even!

It was Salman’s father Salim Khan who felt that the title was not apt and the team could have gone with a better title. Keeping the theme of the film, being ‘People’s Man’ which Salman has proudly been all his life, Salim saab nailed in ‘Jai Ho’ as the perfect title. The superstar who defies the traditional filmy drama and tantrums and never really thinks twice before stepping on to a rickshaw, or riding a bicycle like any other ordinary layman, is definitely the most suitable face for such a film.

And with ‘Jai Ho’ trailer setting our computer screens ablaze, it is just about sometime that our Bollywood’s Czar returns back to what he does best: entertain the people and be Jai, the ‘People’s Man’!

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