Jism 2 (2012) Movie Review – Details

Movie Title: Jism 2

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Cast : Sunny Leone , Arunoday Singh , Ranadeep Hooda

Director  : Pooja Bhatt

Producer : Dino Morea , Pooja Bhatt

Screenplay : Mahesh Bhatt

Genre : Adult , thriller

Banner or distributor : Clockwork Films Private limited, Fisheye Network.

[xrr rating=2/5]

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Finally the wait is over and much-talked about erotic thriller has hit the screens today. Jism 2 has been well in news and the talk of every mouth since the day it was planned. By the time the leading lady Sunny Leone, the adult movie star, was roped it, the film’s value shot to super heights. The makers of the movie – Bhatt Camp did every kind of hype involving Sunny Leone and her adult movies background to create the popularity of the film among the filmgoers. The film’s entire focus was put on Sunny in all promotional activities and the hype only involved Leone. Since she belongs to nudity background (career wise), the masses turned crazy and this craziness for sure will bring the viewers into cinema.

Normally the people like good script and entertainment in movies and then come to watch it in theaters but as far as Jism 2 is concerned, people are least bothered about the screenplay or story – they just are concerned about Sunny Leone and her plenty of skin show plus erotica in the movie. Perhaps this was the reason that the makers did not pay any attention to the script.

Jism 2 is the second installment of Jism starring Bipasha Basu and John Abraham in the lead. Comparatively Jism (2003) was far better than the sequel (Jism 2) as far as story and script are concerned. But yes, the new installment is far brilliant in visual treat. The locales used in the movie, cinematography, trendy look and direction in Jism 2 are undoubtedly more advanced and attention grabbing than the 2003’s flick. This could be due to today’s more enhanced technology’s greatness but the difference exists.

Jism 2 is lackluster in terms of script but Sunny delivers the goods well and her acting skills are noticeable – thanks to Pooja Bhatt who took the actor out of this babe who just knew the art of seducing the men and making dirty love in adult films earlier. Neither does the film have any kind of recall value nor does it have any potential the viewers can take it home along. But yes, they can take one thing with them for sure and that is abundance of skin show by the leading actress and obviously they have come for this particular reason so they will do it for sure.

The movie unfolds at very baggy pace which irks the audiences. Arunoday Singh’s acting often and Randeep Hooda’s dialogues sometime slaughter the viewers. Your tolerance level is well checked in this film.

Izna (Sunny Leone), a porn star, has been roped in to lure a deadly assassin Kabir (Randeep Hooda). Two intelligence officers – Ayaan (Arunoday Singh) and Guru (Arif Zakaria) fetch her on board to seduce the assassin to recover some very important data from him. Kabir is her bitter past as well. During the seduction job, Ayaan falls in love with Izna.

When you create a big hype for a movie, it becomes your responsibility to pour special care on each department of the film to lure the audience in full and to get good business in the end (which is ofcourse every filmmaker’s desire). But why the script has been ignored? It is such a weird question. When you make an erotic thriller, obviously skin show and seduction’s dose have to be injected into the screenplay but a good convincing story too is mixed up to make a delicious product for the end customer. Guess, this simple and already tested recipe was forgotten by the makers and writer as well.

Post interval portion of the film has been stretched forcibly. The sluggish pace too becomes the culprit to spoil the pleasures. Pooja Bhatt deserves brawny points to take a good actress out of Sunny Leone who impresses with her marvelous performance. Direction by Pooja too is attention-fetching. Cinematography by Nigam Bomzan is magnificent. Sri Lanka’s locales have been captured with class. Editing is not first rate. Music is melodious and grows on ears.

Sunny Leone makes her Bollywood debut with this film and she attracts the viewers with her acting skills. There are nonetheless some flaws in her acting such as she cannot enact the emotional scenes with gusto but overall she does fine. Her skin show is what will drag the audiences to the theaters. The curvy actress has a future in Bollywood. Randeep Hooda enacts his part with conviction but sometimes he simply irritates.  Arunoday Singh does not impress at all. He needs to improve as an actor and work on his impressions. Arif Zakaria is in his elements. Rest of the cast is average.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

On the whole, Jism 2 is high on skin-show and seduction but low on script. The film can witness good audiences due to Sunny Leone and her skin show only.


Movie Details:

The editor for Times,  Satish Mishra , has reportedly said that this is the beginning of Dino’s new innings. As in, Dino Morea tries his luck at producing with Jism 2 where he is the co producer to Pooja Bhatt – a much more prominent name at the Bhatt camp. The final star cast ahs come after a lot of detail working and many sources have come to disclose that Ashmit Patel has been replaced by Randeep Hooda.  Indian viewers have come to know a little bit more about Sunny Leone as the sensational big Boss participant. However, critics are of the view that keeping in mind the Indian society at large, the pre release hours of activity of Jism 2 will be keeping the censor board busy.

We will also see Sanjay Dhabade and Lakshya Advani working together for Jism 2.  Reports show that Sonam Kapoor has tweeted about how happy she is to find of Lakshya’s involvement. She also says that Lakshya is a great friend to her and wished him success.  Sanjay Dhabade will be the art director and Lakshya Advani will be assisting him. Most recent news from the Bhatt camp confirms that the movie will most probably go on floor by April, this year.

All we have to do now is wait and watch how the project turns out. It is, of course, true that both the producers are in need of some luck as far as their earlier projects show. Dino Morea is hoping for some beginners luck. Ranadeep Hooda too needs to get his acting career rolling if he wishes to be a part of the Hindi Film Industry for any longer. It is typical of the Bhatt camp to go for an adult thriller as the genre. But as we already discussed, the success of Jism 2 is of essence for many a sad careers and only time will see how and what it rakes at the box office. Mostly industry personnel are happy about the casting, many had thought that Ashmit Patel wouldn’t be a good choice.

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