John Excited about Vicky Donor

We all know John for his great muscular body but now John has decided to wear the hat of the producer and bring out his first home production movie. John has finally done it with Vicky Donor that has now been officially announced. John recently announced that he will be producing Vicky Donor and Shoojit Sircar will be directing the film for him. Vicky Donor will have Ayushmann Khurrana and Yami Gupta together for the first time onscreen. Ayushmann is currently dominating most of the shows on TV as anchor and therefore it will be the first opportunity for him. 

Vicky Donor is all about sperm donation and Ayushmann will be playing a role of Punjabi sperm donor from New Delhi. John said that Shoojit has been working and researching on the material for more than three years and therefore he has complete faith in him. On the other hand, Shoojit did mentioned that Vicky Donor is not a serious drama about sperm donation but a light hearted comedy that talks about the taboo attached to sperm donation and artificial insemination in India. He also further said that he selected Ayushmann because he would reflect the image of the young India.

Shoojit also said that he has been meeting and working with various sperm donors from Mumbai and Delhi since 2009 and have felt the experience that they go through when they donate sperms and how people react to it. Ayushmann claimed that he readily accepted the role because the role was very fresh and the story is very unique from regular Bollywood flicks that are being released. He said that he has already rejected three films earlier because they were not that well scripted. However, now it all depends on how the movie is directed and whether people will enjoy this light hearted comedy.

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