Joker Gets Serious Art Problems

Bollywood movies are well known for huge and grand sets that are worth crores of rupees and therefore directors are always making sure that the shooting happens on time so that they have no schedule problems and that they don’t have to waste more money on building extra huge sets for reshooting of the scene. Joker is one such film that had huge sets in the film which is as per the requirement of the film. However, the sudden unexpected death of Samir Chanda, art director of Joker and various other Bollywood films have left Joker into serious problems and now directors and producers are wondering on how to tackle this situation. 

Samir Chanda, one of the acclaimed art directors suffered heart attack due to medical problems and that led to his death. Samir had already created huge sets for the film which are said to be worth more than three crores and therefore the directors are now wondering on who will make the rest of the remaining sets which are required for the movie. One of the close associates of Samir said that he was going through some depression problems and therefore he was not really concentrating on his work. Joker is being directed by Shirish Kunder which is a fantasy flick and therefore sets are required to give this movie a science fiction appearance.

One of the crew member of Joker praised Samir for the kind of talent that he had and for the kind of imagination that he would use to create grand sets that would simply look unbelievable. However, what he made for Joker was just a part of the movie and there is a lot more to shoot in the movie which means that Shirish Kunder will now have to hunt for different art director to wrap up the remaining work.

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