Katrina Kaif and Aamir Khan in a film together

Mumbai: Katrina Kaif hits the headlines again, this time alongside a fellow actor, the famous Aamir Khan. The two dazzled with their photo-shoot posing, when they interpreted the roles of actors of yesterday’s generation, Guru Dutt and Waheeda Rahman.

The photo shoot is not relevant to the films the two will star in, but both actors stated that they enjoyed greatly doing it. Everyone appreciated the cover page, and surely all their fans were thrilled. Following this great photo shoot, the two were offered a film together, and both signed gladly.

A couple of year ago, Aamir was asked why he does not play a part opposite Katrina, and he replied that he would love the idea, but no offer was made. Now, the two get the change to work with each other. Back then, Katrina was dating Sallman Khan, and Aamir was not comfortable in playing a part with his friend’s girlfriend. Now, this small inconvenience is not standing in their way.

We are eagerly waiting to hear more about this new project.

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