Katrina Kaif’s snobbish behaviour continues

Katrina-KaifPeople say success gets on to anyone too damn quickly! Such is the case of Katrina Kaif today. Although Katrina, the gorgeous B-town babe had been regularly criticized for the flak in her acting stints and her inane maneuvers, she had slowly risen to the top, outscoring all her contemporaries, thanks to her Barbie doll charm and a certain Salman Khan. Without a doubt, Katrina made it on her own accord but the first stepping stone definitely was provided by her ex beau Salman, who as usual, tried to lend a helping hand to Katrina, whom he loved!

Till late last year, it was Katrina who amassed the most hits and superhits in a year until a certain Deepika Padukone snatched away all her glory. With over 600 crores in her kitty and back-to-back blockbusters, Deepika is the name to reckon with. But while Deepika walked away eating Katrina’s cake of glory and fame, Katrina on the other hand walked away with Deepika’s ex in arms! Speculated to be a couple, Ranbir and Katrina have been spotted several times at several occasions together and going by the latest Koffee with Karan episode aired last Sunday, there is nothing left to think about.

Initially what started as a staggering punch on the Media, blaming them of sensational journalism and unethical methods, Katrina had issued a letter to the Media. In rage to fight against the disclosure of her private holiday pictures with Ranbir in Ibiza, Katrina took over a nationwide storm as she tried to closely guard her personal life despite knowing the stigma attached to being a popular icon.  All said and done, recently at the launch of her Dhoom Machale Dhoom song, Katrina made up for her bad behavior and reclusive attitude by smiling and giggling and handling the controversial questions with an unbelievable amount of wit and humour.

What looked as if all was buried in the past, seemed to re-surface as Katrina was accused of showing starry tantrums with the Dubai press where she cancelled all her press meets, interviews and store visits blaming inadequate security issues. Not just that, she recently even walked out of an ad shoot where she felt she was not comfortable being asked for so many retakes! Huh? Has Katrina lost her mind? Or is success getting on to her, and simultaneously getting on to our nerves?

Well, if reports are to be believed, at a time when there was no trace of a Katrina Kaif but a certain Katrina Turquotte did exist. Remember Boom anyone? Today the actress, who is all set to end 2013 with a Dhoom, has somehow failed to acknowledge her debut director Kaizad Gustad who gave her a chance in Boom, at a time she was not even that famous! The film, an erotic saga, might not have worked at all and was banned. But Kaizad, the director did remember Katrins. Kaizad’s latest Jackpot released this Friday and he was courteous enough to invite his first lady Katrina over for the premiere. Despite making several attempts of connecting, Katrina refused to accept his calls. Guess Katrina wants to forget her bad past!

With her recently unleashed arrogance and the aura of snobbishness, it is only upto time to see whether her starry tantrums help her end 2013 with a Dhoom or will it just be another Boom for the glam diva!

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