Katrina will romance SRK

Mumbai: Another project is about to be materialized in a film, and therefore another couple is about to be formed. Now, for a Yash Raj Films production, Katrina Kaif will be paired up with none other than Shah Rukh Khan, Salman’s number one enemy in Bollywood. We are now expecting that the war between the two actors will be getting even worse.

The war between the two Khans started a long time ago, at the birthday party of Katrina Kaif, and from that day on, the two continued with their rivalry. However, Katrina, although she was dating Salman, has not messed up her relationship with SRK, and the two remained friends.

Katrina was offered the role, read the script and was extremely excited about the part. She loved the script and her role and signed for the film immediately. The actress has the first choice for the role, and she stated that she is eager to start the shooting, and also that she is looking forward to her collaboration with Yashji.

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