Looking at ‘Shagird’

If you have heard or read about Shagird, you must be aware of the critical acclaim the movie has gained. Alternatively, you might think the movie may not do well because it lacks big tags or stars. However, Shagird has definitely broken all the myths. It has a thrilling plot of story that makes the audience stick to chairs until the end. With numerous twists in the story,”Shagird” takes people to an amazing imaginary world, which is more thrilling than any other action drama. Be it power of politicians, or gangsters’ crime world or the corrupt police officers of Indian society, all characters beautifully depict the real people in the reel life of “Shagird.”

The story revolves around the life of a police officer, who is very responsible toward his duties but follows unconventional ways in the course. He has no hesitation in establishing good rapport with lawbreakers, criminals and officers.

The officer [Nana Patekar] has no feeling of guilt in accepting bribe because he wants his family to enjoy all kinds of luxuries. However, with this, he also tries to minimize crime in the city. Once again, Nana Patekar has grabbed the audience in his magical charm. The punching dialogues, which always gave him an edge over other actors, have again appeared afresh proving that the actor has not been milked dry even now. Nana Patekar, who plays Hanumant Singh, a Crime Branch officer, in this movie appears in a cool white shirt on duty and looks fresh and energetic.

The dialogues are the most impactful elements of this movie. Hanumant Singh can be compared with any dirty and wicked police official, who joins a politician Rajmani Singh (played by Zakir Hussain) in the dirty game of power politics and crime. Nana Patekar truly depicts the role of a person, who is very drunk with the glamor of power. To show his devotion to Rajmani, the politician, Hanumanth Singh kills any person who is against or may harm the politician. For this, devotion, Rajmani shares everything earned by illegal means with the police officer.

Nana Patekar’s acting skills have given voice to the role of this corrupt and power-crazy police official in the film so much so that, many people and children may start hating him after seeing the movie.,

The film’s story takes a big twist with the entry of Mohit Ahlawat who plays the role of an honest cop named Mohit. This new shagird [disciple] of Hanumant Singh, changes the entire set of rules that the official followed in accepting bribes and allowing crime to mushroom under the shelter of politics.

Hanumanth singh initially makes fun of Mohit calling him a “light sleeper” as he wakes up very often. They both liked each other but did not agree on each other’s principles and way of working. This creates a unique chemistry between Nana and Mohit. In the mid of the approvals and disagreements between the above-mentioned characters, an extremist group Lashkar-e-Haq appears that kidnaps 3 journalist. One of these journalists has been portrayed in this movie resembles Veer Sanghvi. As a usual norm of Hindi movies, one of these journalists also happens to be Mohit’s girlfriend. This role has been beautifully played by Rimi Sen.

With this twist, the story turns from professional agendas to emotional issues now. The final scenes lead to more twists making the audience bewildered with the turn of situations in the story. It is true that “Shagird” does not have superstars to attract the viewers. Yet, Mohit Ahlawat, succeeds to grab attention with the remembrance of his wonderful performance in Ram Gopal Verma’s James long back in 2005. Nana is simply marvelous as usual in his unique ways. Overall, Rimi Sen also appears decent on the screen throughout the movie, yet it could have been more effective, if the same role would have been performed by some strong actor, who could depict the role more intensely.

Anurag Kashyap also manages to bring laughter to the viewers by his acting in the movie. He has played the role of a criminal named as Bunty Bhaiyya, who creates funny situations.

The characterization of negative characters has been made more dramatic with costume. Hanumant Singh in this movie loves old movie songs and wears hat. He is more impressed when he sees video of the entire drama of how the three journalists were kidnapped in the movie and praises the song played in the background and its singer and lyricist.

Writer-director Tigmanshu Dhulia has definitely failed to create the same magic, which he had done with “Haasil.” Yet, the movie can be recommended to be watched for the intense actors and comedy fused with action.

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