Lucky for Darshan!

Mumbai: The lone Kannada release of this year on the Sankranti festival, “Boss”, is dedicated to all thee Darshan fans. The charismatic celebrity has a great popularity based on the magic he creates in all his action sequences, his comedies and his songs.

The fans of Darshan can be thus happy to see their favorite once again, but otherwise, the film is far from being perfect. The narration has no idea of the meaning of momentum, proceedings could not be slower before the climax, and the many twists and turns are far from entertaining.

The lack of suspense gets one bored before the climax, and when this comes and finally starts to make one interested in the film, it fades away in only a couple of minutes, leaving the audience wondering if they actually saw the film or if it was no more than a bad joke.

The director did a very ok job in a couple of sequences, to be fair with, but what about the rest of the film?

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