Madhur Bhandarkar prefers doing a political thriller to Fashion’s sequel

Madhur Bhandarkar’s most ambitious project till date, is awaiting its release, as it is scheduled to hit the screens on 21st of September this year. And a rumour about the sequel of this film is already doing rounds in the tinsel villa even before Madhur’s “Heroine” could be unveiled in the theatres. So when Madhur was asked about the sequel’s plans, he said that not only is Kareena Kapoor starrer movie “Heroine” having an open end, but right from “Chandni Bar” which released in 2001 and “Corporate” in 2006, even “Fashion” all these films are also open-ended, and so Madhur can make a sequel to any of these films.

The first promo of the movie “Heroine” was released on 15th of August at Berlin, and coincidentally it is th very first day of the Indian Film Festival being organised there. Not only this film, but Madhur’s other films like “Chandni Bar” and “Fashion” will be shown at the festival. And speculations are rife that Madhur is also thinking of doing the sequel of “Fashion” which had Priyanka Chopra in the lead role. We hear the award winning director even met gorgeous Madhuri Dixit on the sets of Jhalak Dikhlaa Jaa to discuss about the sequel of “Fashion” with her, as Madhur wants to cast Mads in the film. And as per reports, UTV wants the sequel of “Fashion” to hit the floors after the release of “Heroine”.

Madhur says that at one point of time, he will definitely do a sequel of one of his films, as the audience want to see the sequel of his films, as most of his movies have been successful and also got rave reviews from the critics too. Madhur at present wants to make a political thriller, he is not thinking of making any sequel right now. He did “Satya” in 2003 which was political thriller throwing light to the nexus in between politics, policemen and the corporate world. And now Madhur wants to do a film on delinquents. But Madhur did not mention any other thing, as he said it is too early to say anything.

Here is another film maker on the block who is leaning towards making sequels. Already Vikram Bhatt is making a comeback in the Bhatt team with Raaz 3D, which is dated to release next month on 7th. And then Vikram will work on the second part of “1920” film which released in 2008, and the title of the sequel is “1920 – The Evil Returns”. He is also going to make “Haunted 2” which is going to be shot in 3D, and the film will flag off by the end of 2012. The movie’s casting is totally new, says Vikram. That is not the end of Vikram’s sequel plans, he is scripting the sequel of “Hate Story” already, and also contemplating on doing “Raaz 4”.

Vikram wrote the story and produced the erotic thriller “Hate Story” which created quite a rucus due to the usage of expletives and sexual content, needless to say the film was hated by the Censor board, while the audience more or less took interest in the movie. However Vikram did not hold the reigns of directing the movie, and instead gave it to Vivek Agnihotri. Vikram says, as Vivek is younger he would be comfortable in executing the intimate scenes, while Vikram would have shied away and developed a cold feet, though his thoughts are bold enough!

Vikram also says that its not just about the intimate scenes in the film which made him nervous but also that the main female lead would be making use of her body to avenge the humiliation she received before. Vivek however, had no qualms directing any such scenes. Vikram added before signing off, that the cast and story will be new, as the team wants the franchise to be taken ahead and thus wants fresh script as well as new casting.

So here we find the future plans of two promising film makers of Bollywood. While one is not so much serious about making a sequel and wants to try the genre of thriller, the other loves treading the known path, he would be doing more and more sequels, and definitely we can say therefore that Vikram is not averse to sequels. But are Madhur Bhandarkar’s stories to end or shall the journey continue for him?

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