Mahesh Bhatt’s daughter makes shouting debut

Shahrukh Khan, the famous actor, has performed in many great films in Bollywood, two of which were directed by Mahesh Bhatt. “Duplicate” presented Shahrukh in a double role, and “Chaahat” is remembered by all Indians for revealing the King’s excellent acting skills. After the two movies, Shahrukh and Mahesh did not end their collaboration, but kept in touch. Now, Mahesh’s daughter, Allia Bhatt, is making her debut in the film industry, and Shahrukh will support her at the beginning.

Thus, as Shahrukh will be producing a new film, through Red Chillies Production, in association with Dharma Prouctions, of Karan Johar. Alia is not the only newcomer who makes a debut in this film. Varun Dhawan, son of famous director David Dhawan, will be also seen in this picture. Siddharth is another actor trying to prove his skills for the first time. Alia’s character will be the conflict of love between the characters played by Varun and Siddharth.

For the last two years, Alia was dreaming of becoming an actress. Karan and Shahrukh thought it was time to give her the chance of reaching her dream.

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