Mahesh Bhatt all set to shoot a movie on the shoe throwing fiasco

The storm that followed after the unceremonious shoe throwing by an Iraqi journalist is now being made into a film. Modern day film makers seem to be extracting a storyline from every possible event happening globally.

Bollywood’s renowned director Mahesh Bhatt’s already got a play staged on the same issue. It seems Delhi’s theatrical talent Imran Zahid is now all set to bring to life the role of the journalist based on his book.

Speaking to PTI in an interview the actor was heard quoting, “I will play the role of Munthadir al-Zaidi in the film produced by Pooja Bhatt. The movie will be made in Arabic and English with English subtitles. I will play the lead in Indian version and it will be shot entirely in Lebanon.”

Munthadir-al-Zaida, the Iraqi journalist who shot to fame on an international scale after he threw off both his shoes at the former president of the United States of America is cooperating in this project says Mahesh Bhatt. Zahid was actually portraying Munthadir-al-Zaida in the play and it seems the director liked him so much that he decided to cast him in his next movie. The play was based on the 2008 press conference event and was named “The Last Salute” which apparently is also the name of the book that the person in question wrote.

Zahid has already received his long awaited debut in Bhatt’s upcoming movie “Chandu”. The film is based on a real life incident that of a student leader of Jawaharlal Nehru University. The student was killed while campaigning for elections in Siwan, Bihar.

The new actor is also pretty excited about his role in the second movie based on the shoe throwing incident. He says he can relate to both the stories and they are somewhat similar so he is sure of doing justice to his role there.

The original plan was to visit Iraq and shoot a documentary on Zaidi. However it seems the Iraqi government never cleared visa permissions for the same.

Zahid speaks that he has been wrongly portrayed by the media as the serious and angry young man types’ person. On the contrary he brands himself as a dun loving person with a big friend s group always looking out for some excitement.

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