Mani Ratnam’s nuances of realism in Nootrienbandhu

The new movie Nootrienbadhu by Mani Ratnam is eagerly been waited by his numerous fans. The word “Nootrienbadhu” is translated from Tamil to Telugu then the title is 180. This is a film that many people are waiting to watch including a prominent actor Mani Ratnam. One may ask what made the film to be interesting and full of expectations. It is the involvement of Jayendra the most popular film ad creator. It is the first time that he is actually featuring in a film as an actor. This has therefore raised the bar for lovers of Indian movies and lots of people from all parts of the world are waiting for the movie to be aired.

Jayendra has spent about 25 years in the movie industry carrying out adverts about movies. He is known for his emphasis on technological innovations in the advert and analysis of movies. It is therefore interesting that this movie innovator is taking part in his first featured film ever. Even the man at the center of all the expectations all know all these.

He exchanged views on why he was not acting movies in the past. The movie created said that it has always being his desire to participate in the movies as actors only that his decision to strengthen his firms had always kept him away. He narrated how he started he engaged into film production in 1986 but diversified into movie technology firm in 1993. He said that his firms are now we established and he decided to fulfill his age long dream.

He also spoke about the film. He said that the story line of 180 is a true life story. He said that he stumbled on the story in the internet. He said that the story took him about a year and half to finish the story working with a renowned story writer who goes by the name Suba. The film was shot in two different locations of the world which include the United States of America and in India.


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