Mausam Once Again Worrisome

How do you feel when your first directorial debut movie goes through a grilling process and the list of controversies never stop? Well, Pankaj Kapur, the director of Mausam must be asking this question to himself now as more and more controversies and problems come up even before the movie has been released. Mausam has gone through some really bad weather in the last month where the trailer of Mausam was delayed by the Censor Board because the producer had not provided the Animal Welfare Organization NOC for the passing cow scene. 

Soon after that, Mausam got stuck into the IAF controversy where the Indian Air Force decided to object on some of the scenes that had Shahid Kapoor in the plane. This controversy not only got the movie into serious problems but also delayed the release of the movie and the release dates were changed from September 16 to 23. Now, that IAF has cooled down it’s the Indian Railway Board that has problems with one scene in the movie. The Railway Board has issued a notice to the makers of the movie that they seriously object to one scene in the movie where Shahid Kapoor pulls off a dangerous car stunt by driving across the railway crossing line.

The Railway Board claims that this could create problems in the real time as youngster might try it out and meet fatal consequences. They have asked the director and producer of Mausam to display a notice before the movie starts that such stunts should not be tried in real. However, the makers have replied that it’s too late to put the notice as the prints have already been dispatched. Now this could again lead to some serious issues since the demands of the railways have not been met here. Hope this time there is no further delay and the movie releases on time for the audience.

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