Mausam still waiting for clearer skies

After the IAF, Pankaj Kapoor’s Mausam is again under the scanner, this time by the Indian Railway Ministry. In this Shahid Kapoor-starrer movie, there is a scene where the actor’s car speeds through an unmanned railway crossing nearly missing the fast approaching train. According to the Railway ministry, such scenes would encourage the impressionable minds of the youngsters and they would be tempted to commit such acts themselves. The ministry is expected to write a letter to the makers of the film in which they will urge them to include a disclaimer in their movie which states that the makers of the movie do not endorse such acts & it should not be imitated.

Prior to this, Mausam’s release was postponed by a week due to IAF’s objection over a 30 seconds scene. The film is now slated for a 23rd September release. Earlier the film was in legal trouble when Director Pankaj Kapoor’s former colleague claimed that the title, Mausam, is registered under his name & moved to the Mumbai High Court & asked for an injunction from Director Pankaj Kapoor & the Producer of the movie, Sheetal Talwar. Later he also asked for a compensation of 1 crore.

Considering that the script was ready in 2007 & has taken 18 months to complete, we don’t understand what took Mausam nearly four years to reach the movie screens. And even after so many years, at first the makers themselves delayed the release of the movie citing the reason as incomplete post production work. After that the Indian Air Force has issues with a scene. And now even the Railway Ministry finds a scene inappropriate. We truly can’t fathom out what fate Mausam will meet. Hope no new objection pops up in the days to come.

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