Mausam Stuck in Bad Weather

It is really hard to understand why most of the Bollywood movies today get into controversy just before they are about to release. Well, most people think that it is just another way to grab the attention of the audiences so that they get better opening on the first day itself because people get more curious about what’s so controversial about the movie. After Aarakshan it is Mausam who is going through some rough weather just before the movie is about to release in just few weeks. mausam

Mausam earlier went into problems when the trailer was not passed by the Censor Board because it had one scene of cow passing and the producer Sheetal Talwar did not get the NOC from Animal Welfare Organization. Now, it’s the Air Force of India that is claiming that they object one of the scenes in the movie. The Air Force of India has now come up with objections that they will not pass the movie until some of the scenes in the movie are deleted or removed from the movie. This is certainly going to be a big issue for the director Pankaj Kapur as they will have to think about convincing the Air Force to let the scenes be in the movie.

In the movie, Shahid Kapoor plays an Air Force pilot and there are some scenes in the movie where Shahid is on Mirage fighter plane which is the main cause of concern for Air Force. Sheetal Talwar is now really upset with the entire scenario and she claims that they have already cleared the script with the Air Force on August 23 2010 after which the scene was shot and edited keeping in mind the rules and regulations. She is willing to talk to the Air Force authorities but at the same time she is ready to take this matter to the court.


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