Mere Brother Ki Dulhan Gets Green Flag

It has almost become a trend for all Bollywood movies these days that they undergo some kind of controversial problems that soon becomes a huge debate all over the country and then at the very last moment all goes well and all parties agree and everything is back to normal, quite like our Hindi movies, isn’t it? Just days before the release of the movie, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan which is the latest offering from Yash Raj Films went into controversy when someone objected a scene that was shown in the trailer of the movie, but the movie has got the green signal from the Court and so all is well. mere-brother-ki-dulhan 2011

It all happened when BG Jadhav filed a civil suit in the Sessions Court and objected one of the scenes that was shown in the movie trailer. The scene shows Katrina in a rockstar pose and smoking a bidi. BG Jadhav claims that this shot is definitely not good for the public health because Katrina already has a huge fan following and bidi smoking scene would sent out a bad message to the society. It was also said that impersonating film personalities is very common with the youth and this time bidi smoking scene could actually influence the younger generation to try bidi and ruin their health. BG Jadhav’s lawyer has named producer Aditya Chopra, Ali Abbas Zaffar who has directed and written the film. The suit also names Katrina Kaif and Yash Raj Films Pvt Ltd.

Although, the court has agreed that they understand that such scenes can have a drastic effect on the minds of the young generation but the court has ruled out that it is not sufficient to put stay on the movie. The next hearing for this case will be at the end of the month but the court has given a green signal to the movie for release.

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