MNS workers disrupt shooting for Murder 2!

According to eyewitness’s present on the sets of Murder 2, party workers of MNS Cine Workers Association barged in on the sets and disrupted the shooting. Director Mohit Suri who was present on the sets had to call the producer Mahesh Bhatt who in turn called the Commissioner of Police to act accordingly.

When asked about the reason for barging in like this, producer Mahesh Bhatt commented, ” They came in on the pretext of examining cards of the unit members which is not their mandate. The authority to examine unit members’ cards belongs to the Film Federation and Cine Aritstes Association. Mohit panicked and so he called me. I sent a message to Commissioner of Police, Arun Patnaik, who acted promptly. I also spoke to the Home Minister, R R Patil. I just fail to understand how anybody can get into a state owned property like Film City and disrupt an on-going shoot. And mind you this is happening often these days.”

The MNS has been disrupting shoots of several other films and interfering in the business of the movie makers as they are forcing them to hire people of their choices which is against the right of the movie makers.


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