Movie Review: Ek Villain

One of the most awaited movie of the season, ‘Ek Villain’, finally released today. Starring no Khans or a Roshan, the movie has created the much-required buzz around its release that you sense its going to be a winner at the box-office. But great promotion doesn’t always sell the movie, the story has to have ‘it’!

With almost every song topping the charts and a dreamy chemistry between its lead pair, the movie is a litmus test for director Mohit Suri who had the pressure of repeating the success of ‘Aashiqui 2’, if not topple it. It has been hyped as an edge of the seat thriller  and has constantly been compared to the Korean thriller, ‘I Saw The Devil’. Actually, it won’t be an understatement to say that ‘Ek Villain’ has garnered loads of expectations among the cinegoers .

The first reports have come and the movie has been greeted with excellent occupancy with Housefull boards outside most of the theaters where the movie released. And lucky to catch the first show of Siddharth-Shraddha starrer was me.

So here’s a quick review of the movie.


Starring newbies Siddharth Malhotra and Sharddha Kapoor, the movie has been directed by the very dependable but lesser-known Mohit Suri and has been promoted as a thriller.

It’s a usual norm to not spell the beans of the story of a thriller, but the first twist of the movie is that it’s not a thriller. It’s actually  revenge drama of a lover whose beloved is murdered by a serial killer and he is now on a hunt to find the killer.

Opening with a beautiful message by the very pretty Sharddha Kapoor,the cinematography impresses you from the word go. It’s shot in a picture-perfect manner which is sure to soothe your eyes and another impressive aspect of the movie is the dialogues, which Sharddha Kapoor has many and Siddharth had almost none. The performances are praise-worthy with every actor proving its mettle and standing out with his/her character.

The film has obvious glimpses of ‘Ghajini’ with the bubbly girl being killed by a menacing ‘bad man’ and the ‘hero’ on a hunt to take his revenge. The story has been told in a similar manner as well with flashbacks running in parallel with the present story. However, ‘Ek Villain’ never manages to match the brilliance the Aamir Khan starrer. You see the transformation of a gangster into a lover, you see a frustrated middle-class man on a killing spree to de-stress himself, you see a girl being murdered, but you somehow don’t connect to it. You never feel the lead pair’s romance and neither do the murders haunt you. Maybe it’s the performances or the background score, the film never lets you immerse yourself into it. You see the emotions but you never feel it. Everything is almost perfect about the movie but you never connect to it. And that the area that leaves you with a sour taste.

The movie is well-made with it’s heart at the right place but fails to connect to movie enthusiastic like me. Not definitely a paisa-vasool experience, the movie will obviously be remembered for  its superb music but never for being a ‘thriller’. It’s mediocre at its best. That’s all about it!

Go for the movie because the trailers have excited you but don’t expect much from the Mohit Suri directorial.

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