Mr. Arnab Bagchi Missing – Kahaani

Mumbai: Mumbaikars recently saw a relentless pregnant woman in the railway station frantically searching for her missing husband. Soon there were posters out in the city claiming the search of missing ‘Arnab Bagchi’ all across the streets of Mumbai.

It took a lot of time for the common people to make out that these were just publicity going on for the upcoming film of Sujoy Ghosh’s ‘Kahaani’ which has Vidya Balam in the empowering role of an avery pregnant woman in search of her lost husband. In the point of view of some viewers, this marketing strategy is not good enough as it can hurt the sentiments of a large section of the population who might have in any case lost their family members or relatives in reality.

The film makers related to this movie however defended their film marketing strategy. On speaking to popular media they said that this marketing strategy was conceptualized and planned by Viacomm 18 and all measures have been kept in mind while executing it. The film maker added that he totally agrees with the strategy and there is no harm in it. He said that below every poster they have put on the streets the movie website was mentioned.

According to a large mass of people this type of marketing is insensitive and highly prone to hurt common sentiment of people already suffering from the loss of lost members of their family and friends. The Chief Executive Officer of Studio 18 Vikram Malhotra however denies this and says that this strategy would in fact increase general awareness of the common people against the common problem of people getting lost. Malhotra added that the movie ‘Kahaani’ is set to bring back the lost feeling of mystery and suspense to Hindi cinema and as it is an unique movie it deserves an equally unique idea for the marketing and publicity. He terms this marketing as a ‘clutter breaking campaign’. He says they have put on the missing posters all around the city, they have put it as newspaper inserts in leading newspapers and they have also took the help of social networking sites like facebook to spread the news of the missing ‘Arnab Bagchi’ as the part of their publicity campaign. They have taken the help of other websites too to carry on their execution of the idea.

On explaining the widespread and impact of their strategy, Malhotra adds that the lead actress of the movie Vidya Balan went to Khar railway station as a pregnant lady searching frantically for her lost husband. This, acoording to Malhotra, has created a great hype and buzzes around the film and has helped in the success of their marketing plans.

The people of Mumbai were confused with the missing posters but according to the marketing team who were handling the execution, they think this marketing act has increased the general awareness and consciousness about missing people. They say that they want to make the people aware through this campaign as presently there are more than 17 lakhs people in India who are missing.

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