Music today lost melody, but gained rhythm

Mumbai: For the radio listeners all over India, Ameen Sayani is a very popular name. He is presenter of “Binaca Geet Mala”, the hit radio show. The other day, Sayani managed to get his hands on a CD of old songs, back from when “music touched the heart”, as he said so himself.

The music of the earlier times had a strong meaning. The music of these days only emphasize on rhythm, in disregard of the melody or meaning. Sayani also said this may not be such a bad thing, as even now, at his late age, the songs of today make him dance. They may not touch hearts anymore, but they can surely touch the body, as Sayani said.

Youngsters today stay active and fit due to the songs they listen to. In Sayani’s opinion, everything changes, including music. It is not about understanding the lyrics, but about rhythm alone.

A series of the most loved songs from across time has been released recently, “Geetmala ki Chhaon Mein”, and now people can enjoy the old songs, and expand their cultural level.

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