Name changes to “Ragini MMS”

Mumbai: News coming up about the “Queen of Television” in Bollywood. The producer Ekta Kapoor has changed the name of her upcoming film “Raginni MMS”. The title will now be spelled “Ragini MMS”, the extra “n” disappearing from the title.

The reason for this change is that the producer believes some bizarre incidents have happened during the shootings for the film. Ekta stumbled across some information about the location of the shooting. It seems that someone had died at Dahanu, in the bungalow they had shot in, and the producer was frightened to hear this.

Pawan Kirpalani, the film’s director, described the experience of shooting the “Ragini MMS” as surreal and unsettling. Rumors spread about the bungalow, and whether or not it was haunted. The personal belongings of the caretaker, who had dies before in the bungalow, were still at the site when the crew came to start the shootings for the film.

Apart from that, many weird accidents happened during the shootings, including one of the members getting burnt and Raj Kumar, the lead actor hurting himself.

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