Nandita Das’s A Drop of Life on water woes

Back to 2001 when a film on a very different topic was shot named “A Drop of Life”. It is directed by Shalini Kantyaa, and has Nandita Das in the lead role. But unfortunately not until recently, the film did not see the light of the day. The film was aired this week in Saturday on the national television, and this is the very first time the film got broadcasted.

The film deals with water woes, the title “A Drop of Life” suggests the importance of water in our lives. The film is on water privatisation. Nandita is glad that her film was aired on television, she says such issues regarding water should never be ignored. We just cant ignore the fact that how much we are dependent on water. Nandita also points out that there is a huge disparity in the supply of water in various areas. Where she lives, she gets 24 hours of water supply, while her maid who lives in slum gets water for just two hours in a day. Even the poor people need to buy water from outside to meet the daily requirements of water.

In “A Drop Of Life” Nandita plays the role of a social activist who lives in Kutch. Her character’s name is Mira. But several children in her area fall sick due to diseases caused by pollution of water, so she takes the issue seriously and tries for the privatisation of water by talking with the a company and also with the village community. It was 11 years back, when the film was shot, but the concept can never get outdated, says Nandita. The concept will be applicable and relevant for the future too. So Nandita says everyone must think of the enormity of water problems, and how the kids can be affected by water-borne diseases. We should change our lives, and this will definitely bring about the large change in the entire world, adds Nandita.

The actor also went on to state ways to prevent any problems arising out of water sources, like judicious usage of water should be undertaken by one and all to save the precious drop of life. Nandita says we should stop wasting the resource of water, as if we neglect the importance of water in our lives and continue water wastage, the day is not far behind when it will become scarce. So we should try to change our lives right from this moment, by getting aware of the importance of water in our lives, and using the knowledge in our day-to-day living.

Even Nandita’s first shot to fame was with a public service announcement which was not longer than 90 seconds, and the ad film was on rainwater harvesting. The ad film went on to be screened at various fests and events, and was aired across various television channels. Though she promotes several other awareness campaigns and addresses different issues, Nandita says the importance of all the issues is not variable, and all are equally important.

The cast of the film includes not only Nandita Das but also Arnold Y.Kim, and Liza Jessie Peterson. Arnold plays the role of CEO of an MNC, while Liza Peterson plays the role of Nia. Nia is an executive, while Mira Bai played by Nandita is a teacher of the village. The film is about the two women Nia and Mira whose lives get intersected by one common factor – water! The film is produced by Rahul Haria. The story is written by the director Shalini Kantayya, and she is also the editor of the film.

Nandita Das’s last film was “I Am” which released last year in 2011, presently she is working on the film “Neerparavai” which is a Tamil film.

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