Nishikant Excited About Force

There is a lot of buzz going around the movie Force because it is suppose to have some of the best action scenes that we have seen in Bollywood. This means that the movie might have some good openings that are required. Director Nishikant Kamat is really excited about the movie because he too feels that he has done justice to the script and although the movie has been a made in Tamil earlier but his presentation will be better than the original version because he has covered up certain loopholes that were there in the movie.

The director talked about the difference between the movie compare to the original Tamil version Kaakha Kaakha. He said that in the original version Jyothika had a much matured role and she looked matured as well. However, Nishikant Kamat has gone ahead and make some changes to the female character and have casted Genelia D’souza who looks completely innocent and not very matured so the female character definitely undergoes certain experiences and then gains some kind maturity in the Hindi version. Apart from that the Tamil version was all about gang wars but Nishikant Kamat has changed the story line to some extent and in Hindi version it is all about drug mafia.

Talking more about the movie the director said that when John and Vipul approached him to remake the movie he did not like the idea to make a frame to frame remake of the movie. So the director went to the story writer Ritesh Shah and he decide to keep the essence of the movie but change the story to some extent to give it some originality and also to suit the preference of Hindi cinema audiences. The dierctor already revealed that the role had earlier gone to Asin for the female lead but she had date problems as she was working for Ready so the role finally went to Genelia.

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