Nishikant Gets Love Action Comedy Films

There are many few directors in Bollywood that are very much in demand because they have the ability to create something different even when they are provided with regular Bollywood movies. Nishikant Kamath did a mindboggling job when he directed Dombivali Fast and then director good movies that made him recognized as one of the top directors in the Bollywood. Now with the success of Force behind him Nishikant is all ready to handle movie for Love Action Comedy Films. This is a newly formed production house and they are willing to offer better scripts to Nishikant that he can direct in the future. 

So far, Nishikant has been working in Los Angeles where he is collaborating with couple of script writers. However, Nishikant did mentioned that he will be directing a drama that will be creative in nature. Nishikant decided not to reveal too much to the media because the story is still in development phase and therefore nothing really can be said about it. On the other hand Nishikant also admitted that he has signed one movie for his friend Sanjay Routray and that too only because he is a professional and knows how to handle the movie.

Nishikant mentioned that Amit Chandra and Sanjay Routray both are very talented and professional in their field and they have produced movies like Makdee, Ragini MMS and Karthik Calling Karthik which is something very innovative in nature. He also mentioned that all the three including him are very passionate about movies and have good sense of business at the same time. Nishikant is sure that the movie they are working on will also get some great response from the movie because finally there are great minds that are working collectively on the script and will make that work since they know how to make better stories.

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