“No Problem” – another disappointment

“No problem”, a romantic comedy which was highly expected in Bollywood, has recently been released and several film critics have seen the movie. Conclusion? Not very bright for the producers of the film, and for the comedy industry in Bollywood, generally. All hopes of resurrecting Bollywood comedy were in this film, and the result was devastating.

The legendary actor Ranjeet played the part of a villainous henchman, role which does not suit him one bit. The story is completely missing, sense has disappeared from the vocabulary of the producers, the dialogue is barely noticed, and the actors simply move around aimlessly, hoping to squeeze some laughs from a disappointed, bored audience. 

The film is not even approaching the term funny; however, “No Problem” has an important cast. Sanjay Dutt tries desperately to save the film, through its one or two moments of humor. A breath of fresh air is brought by Vijay Raaz, playing a lunatic attempting at suicide.  But this is not nearly enough to save “No Problem” or the Bollywood comedy films.

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