Not A Love Story is Not A True Story

Controversy is the latest tool of marketing for Bollywood movies these days and therefore we see that every new movie to be released goes through this phase where someone tries to stop the release of the movie, but at the very last moment things go back to normal and the movie is released with that extra hype and promotion. Recently, Aarakshan had to face lot of controversies in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh and now it’s time for the Ramgopal Verma’s Not A Love Story which is very much in the same position. 

Not A Love Story is already making lot of news on various channels and headlines because the movie is quite bold and it shows gory scenes that Indian audiences might not approve or like it. Although, there are many viewers that enjoy Hollywood gory flicks there are some who disapprove this trend. As per the latest news, a petition has been filed by Emile Jerome who has claimed in the Mumbai High Court that the film is based on his true life but it is modified in various ways to make it look fictitious.

Emile Jerome is still serving ten years prison for culpable homicide in Neeraj Grover case has said that he has already sent a legal notice to Ramgopal Verma claiming that he did not seek his consent before the release. He also claims that the film is biased in nature and shows him in bad light. However, unfortunately his legal notice did not give him any room of comfort as the High Court ruled in the favor of RGV. After the hearing at the High Court RGV said that the film is complete imaginary and for that they have already put up a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie. The movie now releases without any problems on August 19.

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