Partner 2 Idea Abandoned

There are some movies that are clearly copied from Hollywood movies but they still sound better when you see them in typical Bollywood style. Most people watching the movie Partner knew that the movie was direct copy of Will Smith’s Hitch. The movie might not have received good response from critics but it definitely gained all the attention from the audience and it was a second chance for Govinda who had a series of flops at that time. It was only because of Partner that Govinda got some recognition once again and he made into movies. 

However, when Partner was a big success many people believed that David Dhawan would make a sequel out of it because the movie was definite hit and getting a sequel would be a better idea since people appreciated the first version. However, David Dhawan has gone public to announced that they have dropped the idea of making sequel for Partner because they do not have the right script that is required for the movie. David Dhawan mentioned that he was working on the fresh script soon after Partner was a success, but things have not worked as planned and therefore the idea has been abandoned.

David Dhawan also said that it was not only because the script was not great but also because Salman Khan is just too busy to shoot for the movie. Salman Khan is now booked for two years and therefore he can only think about shooting for Partner 2 when he completes shooting for his upcoming movies and even one home production movie. The director mentioned that it was a mutual decision from the team that they would drop the plan for Partner 2 because nothing was working in their way. Hence, people who were looking forward for this will have some disappointing moments.

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