Patiala House sabotaged?

Mumbai: The latest question on everybody’s mind is if the Patiala House is being sabotaged by an entertainment and music channel. A source that wanted to remain anonymous said to us that there a few capsules that run which contain quite a few negative remarks regarding the film, its main actor – Akshay Kumar -, its director and co producer as well – Nikhil Advani and Bhishan Kumar. We can really say that this is truly a campaign anti Patiala House.

Everything regarding the film has been made fun of, starting from the promos of the picture and up to its music. It seems that the issues between T-series and the channel go way back and that explains the negative attitude against the film Patiala House.

However we can’t fail to notice that this is pretty much a childish behavior that one could expect to see from a first grader rather than from an entertainment channel. We have to say that this is most unfortunately for the film, which was caught in the cross fire.

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