Players (2012) Movie Review – Details

Movie Title – Players

Film Critic: Goher Iqbal Punn

Star Cast – Abhishek Bachchan, Bobby Deol, Sonam Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Neil Nitin Mukhesh, Omi Vaidya, Sikander Kher

Director – Abbas – Mustan

Procuder – Abbas – Mustan (Burmawalla Bros)

Music Director – Pritam

Lyrics – Ashish Pandit

Genre – Action/ Thriller

[xrr rating=2.5/5]

Finally the product is out which was being awaited colossally. The men in white, the directors’ duo Abbas-Mustan dishes out their high voltage action-packed thriller. Players is the remake of the Hollywood blockbuster The Italian Job. Remakes are quite in these days in Bollywood scenario. Hindi filmmakers are after churning out the remakes of the popular south and Hollywood films. South cinema has been the biggest inspiration of Bollywood filmmakers and even today, they intend to chew up the flicks on their subjects or simply do the remakes by officially announcing them. Often the viewers of Hindi cinema witness the copied content from Hollywood as well. But Abbas-Mustan’s duo has not been copied rather an official remake of the counterpart cinema’s The Italian Job. The intelligent directors know the taste of the Hindi movie buffs which is why they offer them a difference on the screenplay by injecting the flavors of the likings of the Indian audiences.

Always famous for the lavish-stylish suspense-filled thrillers, Abbas-Mustan this time around again bestow the cinegoers with the same rather the latest product is more lush and swathed with the international look. The action sequences, daredevil stunts and the eye-candy locales add real sparkles to the movie’s look and worth. Burmawala’s Players is no less than a Hollywood action-packed thriller. While you watch the flick running in front of your eyes on the celluloid, it gives you the utter treatment a Hollywood movie confers the audience with.

The execution of the film is simply flawless. The men-in-white knows the pulse of the viewer – they are apt in this department. They are well aware of the technique required to capture the attention of the viewer. They are sheathed with the knack of putting the viewer on the edge of the seat from the opening sequence till the finale and that is what their latest outing offers the viewers to relish with and be at the edge of the seat. Laced with the twists to surprise the cine aficionados, Players has been made with conviction and with utter care. The film boosts on all departments grabbing the eyeballs and it has all merits to rave big about. From stylish action, daredevil stunts, breathtaking international locales (New Zealand, Russia, Netherlands and India), direction, music, camera work to all – the movie works big time. But coming now to the flipside and the weakness of the finished product, it is the screenplay which is called the pillar and the life of any film. Script is pretty weak and lackluster that it spoils the worth of the movie and the well-made image of the directors’ duo in the industry.

Abbas-Mustan, a name to reckon with solid thrillers, is letdown with the poor scripting this time around with Players. They always go for attempting the Hollywood thrillers and often they succeed well with the final product on celluloid. But every day is not Sunday. This time they had to face the music with mundane screenplay to make movie on.

Remakes always let the viewers generate the comparisons with the originals but let’s toss the notion aside since Players is not scene to scene copy of the original, it has flavors to spice up the Indian viewers. The film talks about a gang of players who are skilled, sharp and intelligent. They team up to do a robbery. The film carries all, a Abbas-Mustan film does, from the eye-pleasing international locales, blood pumping chases, stylish and daredevil stunts and several twists and turns to raise the suspense quotient of the audience. The movie also offers the audiences the comic sequences to relish with.

Stylish thrillers are often seen on Bollywood canvas and they do carry the attention-grabbing and soul-arresting lavish look and action to rave big about but they often drop at the box office due to the carelessness to the actual thing called ‘script’ that takes the backseat. The same tragedy is with Players that has all masala ingredients but lacks the punch i.e. screenplay. In addition to the weak scripting, the film also drops the values because of the long length (2.45 hours). The long length could not entice the cinegoers till the finale. Burmawala’s film tails off on these two bigger flaws – screenplay and length.

A group consists of skilled, sharp-witted and intelligent people – Charlie (Abhishek Bachchan), Spider (Neil Nitin Mukesh), Ronnie (Bobby Deol), Riya (Bipasha Basu), Bilal (Sikander Kher) abd Sunny (Omi Vaidya). The group plans a robbery of gold worth crores being transferred from Russia to Romania. With the help of Charlie’s role model Victor (Vinod Khanna), this team of sharp-minded players is arranged. They succeed in the plan of robbery. But one of the team members appears to be a conspirator and double crosses them.  Naina (Sonam Kapoor) too joins the task to settle the scores and repossess the booty.

The directors’ duo is known for injecting the twists and turns a lot in the movie even by the time the viewer expects the finale is coming, the twist emerges. And always their movies are to be watched with open eyes to grasp the subject. They are not as simple to comprehend. The duo did all and showed off their entire package of skills they have with in this flick but sadly they were not supported by an authenticated and gripping script to make a film on. The biggest flaw of the script is that the robbery of the gold (the nation’s assets) is done as simple as you eat a cake. The viewer cannot swallow this childish act. There could have been the sequence where the viewers were shown how difficultly they robbed by undergoing super problems in their way. This all seem simply bogus and fake. The other flaw is the chase of the players to settle the scores. It is laced with vigor not displaying any kind of realism at all. It all appears phony. Why there was a need to stretch the length of the film? Weird!

Abbas-Mustan have dolled up brilliance on their part of direction. The execution is simply awesome. They have given a true international look to the film that it does not appear to be a Bollywood movie. The film has potential to make the viewer sit till the end. It is really an edge of the seat thriller but lacks in screenplay – the biggest flaw.

Rohit Jugraj and Sudip Sharma have done the spoiling with screenplay. They are the true culprit to stop this film to turn out to be a lavish blockbuster. The cinematography is eye-candy – the international locales have been captured mind-bogglingly.  Editing is first rate. Music by Pritam is spongy and has good effects on the ears. Action dolled up by Allan Amin is simply breath-arresting.

Abhishek Bachchan, who has grown up with brawny looks and from the films like Dhoom, Bluffmaster and last year’s Dum Maro Dum, he has shown his class. He portrays his charcter with brilliant ease and conviction. He has a long future ahead in Bollywood. Neil Nitin Mukesh enacts the role with classy effects grabbing the attention of the viewers. He is potentially a great actor. Bobby Deol is simply wasted at this junction. Sikander Kher does fine job. Bipasha Basu is super sexy-steamy and seductress in her role and on acting department, she essays the role with aplomb. Sonam Kapoor‘s transformation from desi girl to bold with western look is appealing. She does a meaty job. Vinod Khanna is okay. Om Vaidya irks a lot.

Final Verdict by the Critic:

Players is stylish packed with daredevil action sequences, international look and eye-pleasing locales but fails in terms of content.

Details and Preview

Besides being a happy and super exited father to a newborn baby, Abhishek Bachchan is busy doings films too. Yes his upcoming film Players is all set to release pretty soon.

Based on the Hollywood flick ‘The Italian Job’ the Director duo Abbas – Mastan’s next film is named ‘Players’. It’s a multi star cast film and a lot of anticipations rest on the same. The film will be an action thriller which is the director duo’s forte. The story is based entirely on the 2003 American film ‘The Italian Job’ and the director duo tries to use the same kind of techniques and styles as the Hollywoodflick has in it. But the desi touch is what makes the film worth watching for once if not more. Shot in the beautiful backgrounds of New Zealand, Russia and of course India the movie had a pretty long schedule since November 2010. The film was supposed to be released on the 9th of December 2011 with Ladies Vs Ricky Bahl but now it has been pushed to January 6th 2012, making it the very first release of the year 2012.

The music in Players has been composed by Pritam, and it just had its official music release a couple of days back. There are a total of 10 tracks including the remixed versions. Though the title track seems to a bit catchy the other tracks seem to have left almost no mark on the market.

The film was initially supposed to feature Kangna Ranaut and Priyanka Chopra as the female lead but they were subsequently replaced by Sonam Kapoor and Bipasha Basu. There were rumors about Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone was also being considered for the female lead roles.

With release dates closing in time will tell how the audience reacts to this film. Hoping that Abhishek will be able to deliver a hit this time, may his baby lady luck help him.


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