Pooja Bhatt there for S Ramachandran

New Delhi: Pooja Bhat took his time to be present to clap the culmination of a very old friendship, going back 24 years. She launched “Imaandari Ki Maa Ki Aankh”, the debut production of S Ramachandran, former journalist, now filmmaker. Some of us remember that, 24 year ago, Ramachandran has been there for Pooja at her big debut. Pooja spoke about her first day of shooting and how Rama was there for her, and she now states that she will be there for him if he needs her. She also warned Rama about the vagaries of the industry.

Pooja was very delighted to hear the title of the film. She believes that “Imaandari Ki Maa Ki Aankh” is a very appealing title, and will draw many people in the cinemas to see the film. In fact, when she heard the title, she burst into laugh.

The film will be directed by Rashid S Khan, while the music director is Mudassir Ali. Gopal Singh, Omkardas Manikpuri, Viju Khote, Hiten Tejwani, Rajesh Vivek, Shalini Pandey, Roopali Ganguly and Mukesh Bhatt are part of the cast.

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