Poonan Bajwa talks about her latest movie

Poonan Bajwa got five films under her belt but she isn’t satisfied with her accomplishments.   Following her movie ‘Thambikottai’, she returns in the big screen with another movie Ethiri Enn 3‘.


The actress I snow in high spirit and is about to shot some scenes from the movie ‘Ethiri Enn 3’ is going to have a song series which are done in six different sets, as told by the director Ramkumar.


Poonam said that she has a close relation with the director.  She added that she needs to improve her looks since she is a celebrity.  People look at her and are expecting her to be prefect all the time.


Another reason for experimenting on her looks is that she would want to carry out diverse looks so that she could get different roles that are far from the roles that she already did so far.  Wearing Western outfit is the best way to look glamorous.


On her latest movie, she is a TV journalist so she watched a lot of television news to know how does a news anchor moves, talks and reacts.  She is really impressed on how they work in remote areas.  Although they have to do it in a rocky terrain or rough weather, this hasn’t stopped them from doing their job.  There are times when they travel to a place with no electricity but are able to do the job with dignity.  The job is almost similar to celebrity since both are travelling while doing their job.  She revealed that the role really excites her.


This movie is close to her heart since Poonam once dreamed of becoming a TV journalist.  There is just something that we can’t control so we didn’t land the job of our dreams.  While she was on vacation during her school life, she entered movies and was addicted to doing it.


Poonam shared that she is still lazy to rise up from bed and dress up.  Tamannaah  is the one that urges her to get up and go where she needs to.  Without her, she won’t have any job at all.


This celebrity already has two Malayalam, one Kannada and four Telugu under her name.





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