Ra One Goes to Prague for Sound

Shah Rukh Khan is really concerned about his next upcoming film Ra One which is one of the most anticipated movie this year. Ra One will be released during the Diwali festival season and Shah Rukh Khan is making sure that audiences love the entire movie experience. Shah Rukh Khan is well known for its marketing techniques and he makes sure that audiences take a look at the work he has done. To make it better for the audiences, Ra One has been sent to Prague which is also known as the city of sound effects for cinematic excellence. Ra One

Most of the Hollywood and European movies that need better sound experience go to Prague because they have the best sound technicians and technology available and that is exactly why Shah Rukh Khan is sending Ra One for sound editing to Prague. One of the sources close to Shah Rukh Khan said that Shah Rukh is really taking this movie seriously and wants to provide sound effects which can compete with international Hollywood superhero flicks like Spiderman and The Dark Knight. This cannot be achieved here in India because the technicians and technology is not available here.

Hence, Shah Rukh Khan and Anubhav Sinha has decided that they send Ra One to Prague where the film will get better sound effects which will combine with world class visual effects. Music composer Vishal Shekhar who have worked on the songs and music in the film are used to the settings and technology available there and therefore they will be going there too to make sure that the music and sound effects are perfectly in sync with the movie. Most of the insiders are claiming that Ra One will definitely come out as the best movie with brilliant sound effects on Indian movie screen.

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