Ra One Misses Bodyguard Record

When it comes to movie competition there are many producers and directors that want to beat the record so that they can use that fame in the future. When Ra One was about to release many trade pundits and film experts believed that considering the popularity of Shahrukh Khan and the kind of hype that was created around the movie. However, on Wednesday when the movie released in 3200 screens it was not a good sign for the producers of Ra One as the first day collection of Ra One was not even close to that of Bodyguard. 

When Salman Khan’s Bodyguard released on Eid the first day opening record was 21 crore but on Wednesday Ra One managed to pull only 16 crore although it was a Diwali day and most of the people were busy celebrating the most popular festival in India. Many experts claimed that SRK would definitely put Salman’s Bodyguard out of the competition but somehow things did not went in the right direction and inspite of having 3200 screen it failed to gather momentum. This means that Bodyguard still remains the top Hindi movie of all times with first day collections reaching up to 21 crore.

While Bodyguard had 2800 screens, Ra One was available in 320 screens but many people feel that the movie is not that great and the word of mouth publicity along with mixed response from the critics have created doubts in the minds of the audiences. There are many other movies that have been released in other regional languages and many people prefer watching it rather than going for Ra One that they can watch some other time. However, it’s still holiday season in India and many critics feel that gradually Ra One will give some tough competition but there are many other movies coming up in few weeks.

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